It looks like the Harlan police department putting out that arrest warrant for Elsa of Frozen was a really good idea after all, because the fictional, animated character was spotted and subsequently arrested in South Carolina today (Feb. 23). Everyone everywhere is totally over the freezing cold weather we've been experiencing this winter, and apparently the best way to express their upset is to take it out on a beloved Disney character.

According to ABC News, after the Hanahan, S.C. police department heard about the Harlan police department's arrest warrant, they decided to take it a step further and stage an actual arrest -- complete with an actress dressed as Elsa. They even made up an entire backstory for the arrest, saying Elsa had been spotted freezing a fountain, making her the guilty culprit behind the terrible cold this winter. Apparently, the frozen fountain thawed by the time Elsa's court hearing took place, so there was no evidence to keep her locked up. So now she's free to wreak havoc on the world with ice and snow until she does something that'll have sufficient evidence to keep her imprisoned forever.

Obviously, this was all a joke because Elsa is not a real person. It was set up by Glass Slipper Productions, which is a company that puts on princess-themed parties, and was inspired by the arrest warrant put out by the Harlan police department last week. We hope no children were mentally scarred after witnessing one of their favorite Disney characters being handcuffed and taken away in a cop car.

What do you guys think? Do you blame Elsa for the frigid cold, too? Are you still listening to "Let It Go" on repeat like the rest of the country seems to be doing? How many times have you seen Frozen by now?

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