- We can finally feast our ears on Pink's collaboration with Lily Allen! The lyrics video for 'True Love,' is out and the song is peppy, albeit with a somber message. [YouTube]

- Niall Horan  of One Direction (today's birthday boy!) tweeted a picture of Alfredo Flores (remember, this guy?) and Justin Bieber posing with a statue of Barack Obama. Horan and Bieber have been spending a lot of time together -- maybe a song is in the works? [Twitter]

- Beyonce and Jay-Z (The Carters) will host a fundraiser for President Barack Obama in New York City. With tickets going at $40K a pop, don't get your hopes up on attending. [RapFix]

- Florence + the Machine performed on ‘Late Night With Jimmy Fallon,' but more notably Flo performed 'Balls In Your Mouth,' with the host. [Diffuser.fm]

- Mac Miller teased that his album 'Pink Slime,' has big things in store, including a possible collaboration with Gotye. [The Boombox]

- Snooki probably has a bevy of people waiting to babysit little Lorenzo and now we can add Rihanna to that list. The pop star told Snooks via Twitter that she would gladly watch over the Littlest Meatball. [Twitter]

- With a lot of smack talking going on, it looks as though Simon Cowell better stick his foot in his mouth. Even with adding new judges Britney Spears and Demi Lovato, 'X Factor' had lower ratings than NBC's 'The Voice' last night. Cowell better have something big in store for his show or it could be singing its farewell song. [Zap2It]

Watch the Pink + Lily Allen 'True Love' Lyric Video