Show us a person who doesn't love a bada-- explosion, and we'll show you a person who doesn't know how to live.

Round these parts, we love pop stars and good ol' fashioned EXPLOSIONS, action movie style -- so it should come as no surprise that we couldn't wait to show you GIFs of Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Rihanna and Lady Gaga blowin' stuff up. We also realized that pop divas need to move away from the "blowing up cars" music video motif. C'mon, ladies! We know you have original ideas!

Scroll through these explosive GIFS and enjoy pop stars blowin' stuff up!

Alright, Justin Bieber. Kick us off!

You're right, Biebs! Beyonce, tell the people how you felt leaving the building after your killer Super Bowl performance.

Britney Spears, this week it was estimated that NASA's Voyager 1 has reached a section of our solar system that's never been explored.

Now, what if Voyager 1 finds alien life and we get some extraterrestrial visitors. Rihanna, how would you handle that?

 Let's play a game called "Shoot Fire Out of Your Bra." Lady Gaga, GO!

Katy Perry, do you have a rebuttal?

Thanks for the show, ladies. For the next act, we've got a segment called "Pop Divas Walking Away From Exploding Cars." J.Lo's up first...

OK one more time, Beyonce! It's your turn!

Lady Gaga don't care 'bout no explodin' cars.

C'mon, Mariah Carey! We know you want in on this action.

If you ever tell Christina Aguilera you don't like 'Bionic,' you better watch your wheels...

Now, all explosions don't have to involve fire and TNT, right Darren Criss?

We could get down with that!