If you are reading this post on a mobile phone or tablet right now, you've probably already noticed that our site looks a little different on your device. If you frequent PopCrush, you'll also notice how easy our mobile site is to use now! Great, ain't it?<
We want to make your user experience the best ever, so we did a bit of housekeeping on our mobile site! You can still listen to our awesome radio station, just click the play button in the top right corner of the mobile site. And voila! Tunes from Justin Bieber, One Direction and Rihanna will be delivered directly to your earholes.

Posting stuff to your Facebook and Twitter is now easier than ever with built-in share buttons on every single post. We just want you to spread the PopCrush love! Plus, our font is bigger, and we've made voting in polls from your iPhone or Android device the easiest yet!

Whose better than us? Okay, Beyonce is, but we have to be a close second right?