Sure 'Pretty Little Liars' is coming back with Season 5, but even more exciting is that within that season will be the show's 100th episode!

So what is the episode called, and will it see Jenna finally returning to mess with our Liars?

As usual, beware of spoilers below.

Said tweet included an Instagram link to a photo of the script she received for episode 5x05, which also revealed the monumental episode's title: 'Miss Me x 100.'

Yes, Jenna, we definitely did miss you.

You may recall that we haven't seen Jenna since episode 4x09, 'Into the Deep,' where she narrowly avoided becoming fish food after she almost drowned and fell into a coma.

Will her return shed some light into what happened to her that night? And if so, is that the big reveal to a question that executive producer Marlene King promised viewers?

Personally, we'd rather know who killed Wilden.

In case you didn't know, Caleb Rivers will also be making his triumphant return in the 100th episode, which is being written by King and directed by Season 5 premiere director Norman Buckley.

So excited!

'PLL' will return to ABC Family at 8PM ET on Tuesday, June 10. Which, if you ask us, is not soon enough.