Next week's 'Pretty Little Liars' episode 'Unbridled' (4x23) is super far away, but based on this promo and these sneak peeks it will be well worth the wait.

You can continue reading to find out which of the Liars goes walking through the woods alone and what the girls plan to do to investigate their brand new A. Just beware, future and past spoilers (especially for last night's episode) are below.

The promo for 'Unbridled' (above) is particularly scary, and features Spencer going on a jaunt in the creepy woods. Alone. In a wedding dress.

Before you go rushing to conclusions, Spencer is not getting married. As we previously revealed when we shared the synopsis, all the Liars are in wedding gowns to assist in Mrs. DiLaurentis' charity bridal fashion show.

Said promo seems to hint that Spencer is attacked in the woods, but as the sneak peek below reveals, she merely takes a very dramatic tumble. Unfortunately, it also reveals that she is not alone because darting among the trees is a mysterious hooded figure.

The second promo gives more hints about the show's brand new A. As Aria revealed in yesterday's episode 'Cover For Me,' Ezra is under the impression that Mrs. DiLaurentis may be A and the preview hints that heavily.

It features Ashley Marin in the DiLaurentis home when she stops by Ali's room. There she finds a bag full of clothes for a teenaged girl that were purchased the day before. Does she know Ali is alive? Is she A? Or is this one of many misdirections to lead us away from the real culprit?

We'll just have to wait and see as the finale draws closer.

The penultimate episode of 'PLL' airs next Tuesday, March 11 on ABC Family at 8PM ET.