There's a lot happening on your Facebook news feed right now: Those vacation photos your former roommate's ex-boyfriend posted that you've been scrolling through rather than working all morning. That awful girl from high school's incessant status updates about her newborn baby. (Why did you accept that request?) Weird DJ invites. Pokes from strangers in Croatia. Those oddly specific targeted ads that definitely prove that Facebook is stalking your whole entire life on the Internet. And, as a result, PopCrush doesn't always pop up with the latest pop happenings when you log in.

Now, there's a way to silence the noise of unwanted updates and fill it instead with all of the juicy PopMorsels you've been craving!

If you're viewing this on mobile, be sure to update your phone’s software, as well as the Facebook App. Then, click through our easy step-by-step instructions in the gallery above so you don’t miss anything that’s happening with Justin Bieber's butt or Ariana Grande's tongue.

Note: If you’re primarily a desktop user, click here for instructions on how to prioritize pop news on your computer. Using an Android? We got you covered too.

This solution solves a problem many Facebook users are facing when it comes to Facebook's complicated algorithms which decide what shows up at the top of your news feeds and what stays hidden. Thankfully, you can finally control your own feed and customize it to ensure PopCrush is always available to read, anytime.

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