Oh, this is Gangnam style, for sure! Psy, the Scooter Braun-managed K-Pop sensation who has exploded into American consciousness on the back of his smash hit 'Gangnam Style' and the accompanying dance, covers the new issue of Billboard.

He looks, well, smashing in a lime green blazer and tux. Who doesn't love that fashionable bow tie? He's also mid-Gangnam dance and surrounded by tons and tons of mini-mes. Or mini-Psys. Because one Psy is never enough.

In his feature, Psy, who morphed from a YouTube sensation into a legit pop superstar in a few short, viral months, spoke about his mad Korean pride, and how he is happy to help K-Pop develop in the U.S. We got a little insight to the man who does the silly dance. Turns out he's got a plan and understands the global appeal of K-Pop.

He said, "The basic principle I have is that what is most Korean is what is the most international. I don’t want to come here and act like I’m an American. I want to showcase the dynamic potential Korea has, and I want to prove that as an artist."

Psy is a loud and proud Korean and an artisan at heart. He's helping to sprinkle his home country's culture in America, for a variety of reasons.

He did explain that while he loves his culture, he's not trying to draw separating lines in the sand. He is trying to erase them, since when we strip everything away, we're all human underneath.

Psy got philosophical, saying, "Even if the cultures are different, a human being usually sees the same thing and feels a similar type of enjoyment. When you see Niagara Falls, you're going to feel the same thing. It's grand, and it's amazing. So, I think, what's already been proven and tested in Korea will work here."

You know what he's really saying? Everyone can dance, 'Gangnam Style.'

Watch the Psy 'Gangnam Style' Video