A former publicist for Amber Rose plans to spills the beans on why Kanye West really broke up with her in an upcoming documentary called 'The Michael Jordan of Models: This Janero.'

Janero Marchand, CEO of Marchand Media Group, unleashed a tirade of tweets on Monday (Jan. 23) claiming that Rose stole his commission he was supposed to get for booking her appearance on West's 'Robocop' video, which has never been released. "Set the record straight. Yes, I introduced Amber Rose to Kanye West for the "Robocop" video," he tweeted. "She stole my 20% of her $100,000 for the video."

Marchand went on further and explained the real reason why Yeezy and Rose split up in 2010. Apparently, the model and her brother were allegedly scheming to steal money from the hit-making producer. When Marchand found out about the plot he told West. The publicist said he will reveal more details about their break up in his new documentary, which will be release in February. "If she tries to refute what I say. I have emails to back up everything," he attested on his Twitter. "Kanye is a good person & it's not right what Amber is doing to him." He also posted a heated e-mail from Rose calling Marchand a "snitch" and other derogatory names.

Rose, who just released her new song 'Fame' (Featuring Wiz Khalifa), made headlines earlier this month when she revealed to Star Magazine that Kim Kardashian was the reason for their break up. "Kim is one of the main reasons why me and Kanye are not together,” Rose told the publication. “They were both cheating. They were both cheating on me and Reggie with each other."

So far, Amber Rose has not responded to Marchand's accusations on Twitter.