Soul man Raphael Saadiq enjoys life at home with his significant other in the music video for 'Movin' Down the Line (Don't You Go Away).'

Interestingly, the video doesn't depict any serious drama or conflict. Instead, Saadiq simply spends time with the folks he cares about most. The clip begins with Saadiq on his cell phone, saying, "I'm in the car. I'm almost home." As he drags his bags out of the car, a friend asks, "Where you been ... On the road?"

That question is answered in the affirmative with a flashback sequence of tour buses, highways and venues. For the rest of the video, footage of Saadiq on stage is mixed with clips of him and his girl cuddling, flirting and just hanging out.

They invite another couple over, throw on some vinyl records, drink wine and dance the night away. At the end of the clip, they dance on a rooftop with the city skyline behind them as Saadiq's voice is heard singing, "Don't go away, 'cause I'm here to stay."

'Movin' Down the Line' is from Saadiq's latest effort, 'Stone Rollin,'' which has earned critical acclaim and reached the Top 20.

Watch the Raphael Saadiq 'Movin' Down the Line' Video