Rebecca Black has been pop culture fodder and a "trending topic" for the past week with her so-bad-it's-not-really-good viral video for her song silly song 'Friday.' Due to the overwhelming amount of questions she has been getting via her Tumblr page, Black's friend Benni Cinkle, who sits to Black's right in the back seat of a convertible in the video and even gets a shout of from the singer in the inane lyrics, has spoken out in a video interview.

Cinkle is the girl in pink whose awkward dancing inspired the creation of countless gifs across the Internet, and Cinkle even has a favorite gif of herself playing an accordion. She did admit that seeing herself in that form is both "cool" and "odd" for her. Well, that's obvious, since this whole 15-minutes thing is probably super new to her.

Anyone who has watched the video knows that sitting in the front or the back set of the car is a perplexing choice for Black. Overall, the song and the video are confectionery fluff manufactured by a production company for the teens. The video allowed Black and her high school pals to play the part of pop stars for three minutes.

That's why Cinkle, 13, good-naturedly answered a lot of the public's burning questions about her, the video and Black, as well as any giggly teen can. She says that, "We all go to school together and we all know each other and are good friends." The rapper who appears in the middle of the song is named Patrice and he works for the production team, which, by the way, told her to be "silly" and "weird" in the video.

She also, like, loves Justin Bieber and cops to owning a cardboard cutout, bracelets two calendars, a Bieber doll and having seen his movie -- twice!

Other profound topics explored in the video include the dancer's braces (they are coming off in a couple more months), vegetarianism (she's meat-free, having been introduced to the lifestyle by her hardcore vegan uncle), and her name (it's Bennett and she goes by Benni). Benni is also asking people to create videos of themselves dancing like her and post them in the comments section below the video interview. She'll pick her favorite and then video chat with the winner!

Watch Benni Cinkles' Interview Video