Friday should be Rebecca Black's favorite day, ever. It's the way she's built her fame and how she's keeping the momentum going!

And you can thank Katy Perry for extending the Web celeb's 15 minutes fame for a few more moments. Black, 13, shot to fame with her so-bad-we're-not-sure-it's-good viral video 'Friday,' and she is making a cameo in the 'Last Friday Night' video, which Perry is set to debut on June 14. Former teen pop sensations Hanson are also expected to show up in the video. Black appears to be one of the partygoers dancing and having a good time at a party! Maybe Black can amend her lyrics for 'Friday' to include a line or two about partying with Perry?

The video is a celebration of the excess of the '80s (or '90s?) and the idea of teenage liberation through a Friday night party, which can be seen in any John Hughes film from the period. Key scenes feature Perry rocking big hair, sporting nerdy specs held together by a band aid and being muzzled by a retainer. She has a party and goes hog wild, drinking till she pukes in a roller skate, no less. Oh Katy!

Watch This Preview Clip of 'Last Friday Night'