In his video for '9 Piece,' Rick Ross recruits Lil Wayne to play pool and eyeball pole dancers in a strip club with him. It's the new version of the thug life, as both engage in recreational activities, like rapping into their iPhones, which Ross professes to sell dope out of. That's dope dealing in the digital age, kids. However, fast cars and faster women populate this slice of street life video. Booties and bling, ice and muscle cars. It's all in a day's work and play for these two.

At least Ross is remaining covered up by wearing a classy suit instead of going shirtless like he has in recent magazines like VIBE. We couldn't handle another dose of a shirt-free Ross. We love him and all, but once was enough, twice was a lot.

Nevertheless, in this multi-piece video, Weezy is like Ross' sidekick as they live the life, shooting the billiards, finalizing deals and hanging at the strip bar. There's no craziness in this video; the ferocious way in which Ross delivers his raps supplies!

Watch Rick Ross' '9 Piece' Video Feat. Lil Wayne