Sexy is a state of mind and it's also a subjective experience. So that's why we can't raise our eyebrows or question VIBE's decision to put a shirtless, more-to-love Rick Ross on the cover of their "Sexy" issue, due on stands on June 7.

The plus-sized rapper, whose entire chest is covered in intricate, detailed tattoos, appears with his fists clenched, a pair of aviator shades, layers of chains and a crooked smile … Or snarl, depending on who you ask and on which day.

In the accompanying article, Ross talks about the types of sexy women he likes, and lays claim to liking both exotic women and says he is still connected to picking up chicks in the hood. That could be TMI for some of you, but it is the "Sexy" issue so if you like Ross and his music and want to learn more, there you have it.

You can also check out the gallery of outtakes from the cover shoot -- in case you need a little more Rick Ross in your life -- or see him on the cover of Complex's upcoming issue, which features Ross with Lonely Planet rapper and 'SNL' star Adam Samberg recreating the ‘Jaws 2′ movie poster. Epic.

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