The dissing war between Rick Ross and Kreayshawn is finally over ... Or at least we hope so. The 'Gucci Gucci' rapper told U.K.'s Urbanworld TV that she ended her beef with Rozay with some literal beef. Apparently, the pint-size artist settled everything over steaks. WTF?

“I bought DJ Khaled a couple steaks and we worked everything out,” Kreayshawn said. "As far as that, nothing's popping off. It's just a little rough patch at the VMAs, but we got all over it. It's all over now." We're not too sure if she was joking with her "steak" story because it sounds ludicrous in our opinion.

If you haven't been keeping score, Kray-Kray dissed Ross twice -- once in a lame freestyle and the other time on a video chat session -- and so when the two ran into each other at the MTV Video Music Awards, a brawl nearly ensued. Three weeks later, Rozay is continuing his verbal assault in an upcoming XXL magazine interview, calling Kreayshawn a "dirty b---h" and promising to slap the guy who carries her bags.

The news of their feud being over is a relief to us, but we're not absolutely positive if their rivalry is really over. The reason we are skeptical is because we don't know when this interview took place or if Kray heard about Ross' threats in the XXL article.

Nevertheless, the Oakland, Calif., rapstress insists that she's not trying to cause any trouble, she is just simply misunderstood. “I feel like a comedian at times, because I'm a funny down-to-earth person," says Kreayshawn. "So some things that I do and say get read wrong because I'm not some label chick that randomly made it."

Watch Kreayshawn's Interview With Urbanworld TV