Rick Ross is engulfed in a paternity lawsuit with a Georgia woman who claims the rapper fathered her 3-year-old child. According to TMZ, court papers were recently filed in Broward County by the Florida Department of Revenue on behalf of Tyrisha Childers, who claims Rozay is the daddy of her son.

In her suit, the 36-year-old woman alleges that she and Ross were intimate three years ago, which resulted in their child. Furthermore, she has been seeking child support from the Miami rapper, but hasn't received a dime. Childers also claims that she is flat broke -- she has no money in the bank and her only income is $694 in monthly disability payments.

Ross has filed his response to the paternity suit in which he vehemently denies that he had a sexual relationship with Childers and that he can prove it with a DNA test. Rozay also fired off a subliminal tweet which may have been directed to his legal case. "Always pay ya taxes … never pay these hoes," he wrote.

Neither attorneys for Childers or Ross had further comment on the legal matter.