Seizure? What seizure?

Mere hours after Rick Ross reportedly suffered a seizure that rendered him unconscious while on a flight from Florida to Tennessee and subsequently caused the plane to make an emergency landing, the biggest boss in the biz was back on a plane, headed down to Memphis … Again. And without so much as a mention of a seizure.

Ross tweeted: "#Memphis here I come...," which lead to a video of him on the plane. He referred to himself as Ricky Rozay multiple times and let us know he is going down to Memphis, working on a movie and music and reminded us that his new album 'God Forgives, I Don't' is out on Dec. 13. He literally launched into promotion machine mode, without a mention of the seizure or the day's events. WTF?! No, seriously, Rick Ross, Ricky Rozay, William Leonard Roberts, II. WTF?!

If Ross did indeed have some sort of episode that caused him to lose consciousness and/or pass out, it doesn't seem feasible that medical personnel would let him fly again that same day. It would seem wise to observe him a little longer or have him take extra precautions and avoid something as taxing on the body as flying. It certainly makes you wonder if he had a seizure.

Ross is scheduled to perform tonight at the University of Memphis basketball team's midnight opening practice event.

Watch Rick Ross Make a Statement on a Plane