Ricky Dillon is back with another new music video, this time for his song, 'Thunder and Lightning.' The song is another super upbeat dance track, similar in style to 'Ignite,' and the video follows suit as it's pretty much the epitome of fun -- everything takes place at the type of party we wish we were invited to.

The video starts off in what looks like someone's backyard. Everyone is having a totally fun time, and Ricky is clearly the focal point of the party with the spotlight literally on him at all times as soon as the video shifts toward nighttime. The party -- still at the same house -- has more of a club feel at that point. The song lends itself perfectly to the atmosphere of the video -- super fun, dancey and energetic.

Check out Ricky's video above and let us know what you think! Does it make you want to start a dance party in your living room or what?