In August, we got a sneak peek of Rihanna on in her upcoming blockbuster 'Battleship' and now the pop star is taking fans onto the set of the action flick.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the R&B diva welcomes audiences to Pearl Harbor, Hawaii where the film was shot. “We worked with real military officers who were yelling at me, breaking me down, making me do push-ups,” Rihanna said during the ET exclusive. “They didn’t care about Rihanna. To them I was just a recruit …"

RiRi traded in her Rihanna Navy for the US Navy on the set of the Peter Berg-directed film in which she stars as Petty Officer Raikes. While the treatment made things more real, the Barbadian beauty questioned whether it really needed to be done. "At that point I thought, is this necessary? Really?," she mused.

The first trailer for the movie was released on July 27, featuring Rihanna's impossibly good-looking co-stars Taylor Kitsch and Alexander Skarsgård of 'Friday Night Lights' and 'True Blood' fame. The film, based on the popular Milton Bradley game, is set to hit theaters in May 2012.

Watch Rihanna on the Set of 'Battleship'