Rihanna must have been bored with all those topless photos, which she sends out into cyberspace on a daily basis. Heck, it could be hourly at this point. With her recent Diamonds tour poster featuring the pop diva topless, she changed directions, as two bottomless shots of the sexpot singer surfaced online, courtesy of the Instagram account of her friend Melissa Forde. It's not as NSFW as it may sound.

RiRi is wearing a fur cap, a bra and that's about it. You can't see any of her lady business because of how she is positioned in one and how she is seated with her legs underneath her in another, but she appears to be pants-free with a glass of wine in one hand and a blunt in her mouth.

The singer is certainly indulging her hedonistic side as of late, which she is well within her rights to do. But she's also going softcore with all these clothes-free shots. There is a fine line -- we're talking almost invisible to the naked eye, no pun intended -- between sexy and trashy and she's toeing it. Ri's not leaving much to the imagination and is using Instagram to give it all away. Hold back a little, girl. Leave 'em wanting more.

There isn't much artistic about these shots, as RiRi seems to be hanging out with friends in some exotic locale. It seems like when they get bored, they get naked and share photos with the world. Could full on nudes of her and Breezy be on the horizon? At this point, anything is possible.

Like we get it, badgirlriri (her Instagram handle). You don't want to be a role model. You have a rad body. You like showing it off. You refuse to conform to pop music mainstream standards. But dang. Why don't you just call Hugh Hefner up and ask for a Playboy cover? He'd give it to you!

PopCrushers, has Rihanna crossed the line with all the nakey nakes yet?


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