Following their features on one another's remixes (Chris Brown on Rihanna's 'Birthday Cake' and Rihanna on Brown's 'Turn Up the Music'), rumors are rampant that Chris Brown and Rihanna are reuniting. While they've yet to make a public appearance together, E! Online is reporting that the pair may make their debut on none other than 'American Idol.'
An 'Idol' insider told E!, "They want Chris and Rihanna to reunite on the show." It's highly unlikely that they would perform 'Birthday Cake,' which is too raunchy for the family-oriented series. If they do duet, it will likely be on Breezy's 'Turn Up the Music' remix.

In addition to the backlash the duets themselves received, an 'Idol' performance may be further complicated by Brown's potential legal issues. Police are looking for Brown because he snatched a fan’s iPhone after she took a picture of him outside of a South Beach club. The police report lists his offense as “robbery by sudden snatching,” and if it violates Brown's probation order, he's likely going to be too busy with his lawyers to appear on television.

It may be for the best anyway. Rihanna's camp denied the reports to E!, while Fox reps declined to comment. However, a source said the idea is still in its early stages -- so perhaps only time will tell.