Rumors are dangerous things, and even when they aren't true, they can have longlasting consequences and a ripple effect. Justin Bieber and Rihanna were at the center of a gossipy story last week suggesting that they had hooked up in 2011, when he was 17 and in the early stages of his relationship with now-ex Selena Gomez. It painted Ri as a cradle robber and was largely viewed as a bunch of malarkey. However, Gomez is reportedly so disgusted by the allegations that it's killing any chance of a reconciliation between her and Biebs.

While the story was quickly killed – we didn't even have a chance to craft a clever portmanteau name for them, like Rieber or Biebanna -- Gomez is said to be so upset that she realizes she cannot trust her onetime love. The power of suggestion really is something, isn't it?

"I think Justin was hoping there would be room for a reconciliation, but these claims seem to have blown any chance of that," a source said (quotes via Entertainment Wise). The rumors lead to a situation that made Sel feel "she can't trust him." Oh boy.

While everyone else in the free world is more than aware of the fact that a Bieber-RiRi hook up is beyond ridic, Sel doesn't agree. The source continued, "The rest of the world might think it's ludicrous that Rihanna would've hooked up with Justin, but if Selena can't be sure, how can she get back with him?"

Who knows if that's even what Sel really thinks, since she has kept her glossed lips tightly closed about the matter. She really doesn't seem to want to open her heart to the Biebs again, though.

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