Rihanna's video for 'Man Down' is certainly the Barbados-born singer's most controversial, and the clip falls in line with the lyrics of the reggae-flavored song. In the clip, RiRi gets her revenge on a man who has wronged her. Whether or not you believe in vigilante justice depends on your personal politics, but Rihanna's video will get you thinking. The director promised it would be dangerous and that it is.

The video opens with shots of a bustling, busy market in the islands where someone is gunned down. RiRi is seen looking out of a window from above the scene, which suggests that she fired this fatal shot. The storyline then reverts to the events of the day before.

We watch RiRi riding a bike, her long, Ronald McDonald red hair flowing and falling down her toned back, as she wears white tank tops and hangs out. She's a happy girl as she sips Vita Coco coconut water. No surprise there, since she is the beverage brand's new spokeswoman. Can someone say product placement? It's a funny moment, especially since RiRi is on the island where real, fresh coconuts are aplenty.

Rihanna then frolics in the ocean like a mermaid with a bunch of little kids before attending a house party. She is eventually attacked and presumably raped, which leads to her taking matters into her own hands, dagger fingernails and all.

There are a lot of strong statements implied in this video and we can't help by be reminded of Rihanna's incredibly public domestic dust up with ex-boyfriend Chris Brown. It's probably neither here nor there, but this video is provocative enough get people talking.

Watch the Rihanna 'Man Down' Video