As if Rihanna's vibrant yellow 2015 Met Gala gown wasn't enough to get tongues wagging the next day, the singer also performed a series of her hits inside the historic museum.

Changing from her jaw-dropper of a frock into a something a little more performance-friendly -- like elbow-length red leather gloves, a crimson crop top and black leather pants, obvs -- RiRi brought the party with jams like "Bitch Better Have My Money," "Pour It Up" and "Diamonds."

Let's start with the fact that Bad Gal RiRi knows how to get a crowd goin', owning that stage like the total boss she is. Like, she was belting out the chorus of "BBHMM" so intensely that we're gonna go ahead and assume that the entire Met Gala audience was glad that they didn't have her money, because she probably would've leapt right off of that stage and snatched it right outta their hands. Rihanna was that fierce.

There's just something about the outrageous, over-the-top ensembles at the Met Gala that just make the whole event Rihanna's night to shine. Not only did she manage to stand out in a sea of cray costumes, she nailed all three of her performances as well...because she's Rihanna.

Rihanna Navy, watch Rihanna slay "Bitch Better Have My Money" in the video above and check out her performances of "Diamonds" and "Pour It Up" in the videos below.

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