Rihanna's well-documented lifestyle of living fast and partying hard is catching up with her. She tweeted a photo of her arm hooked up to an IV, causing fans to worry about the overall state of her health.

You also see the singer's black-painted, talon-like nails which caused her to be fashionably late to the Meta Gala on Monday (May 7) in the shot.

Speculation is that she partied hard with fellow celebs after the event.

She also reportedly missed her 'SNL' dress rehearsal over the weekend because she was sick, which miffed the producers and powers-that-be. Her performance itself was entertaining, despite all that drama and the report that she was not 100 percent.

That news, combined with this IV shot, certainly have us concerned that RiRi isn't taking care of herself.

Below is her tweet and photo of her arm hooked up to the IV. We hope she gets better soon.

Don't those nails look like they could puncture something? How does she write? Or put on lip gloss? Or put on a necklace? Or open a can? Let's hope she doesn't wear contacts.