In the fashion magazine universe, the September issues are the most crucial, most popular and thickest of the year, as they prep readers on fall and winter fashion. Who better than the fashion plate known as Rihanna to grace the cover of the September 2011 issue of Glamour, which is loaded with fashion tips and tricks for the upcoming cold weather months?

Even though the issue preps readers for cooler seasons, RiRi scorches on the cover of this self-proclaimed "mega issue."  RiRi's big and bold red hair attracts the eye as she wears it in big, Ronald McDonald like waves. Only RiRi is obviously much sexier than Ronni!

The sultry singer is looking over her well-toned shoulder, wearing an ear-to-ear grin that is both sexy and cute at once. She also rocks pale pink lips, which offset the bright hue on her head. It's all about balance and RiRi has achieved it perfectly.

The 'Man Down' singer is draped in a white halter, which is low cut and has two straps across her lower back, along with a pair of purple and black sequined pants, which hug her shapely derriere. Her body is a curvaceous work of art and we can't say we blame her for showing it off on Glamour's September cover.

However, this is a typical Rihanna cover, since she looks hotter than the surface of the sun and she is once again fashion forward, showing off her quirky glam street style. No wonder Emporio Armani selected her as their new spokeswoman. Those ads should start popping up soon. Be sure to pick up the September issue of Glamour featuring Rihanna, as it streets soon.

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