Here at PopCrush, we obsess over all things pop just as much as our readers do. Every Friday, you'll be able to get to know us a little bit better as we gush about our personal favorite pop culture-related things at this very moment. Read on to find out what our Staff Editor, Maggie Malach, is crushing on this week!

Rita Ora's New Rocker Hair

I love, love, love when celebs get their haircut. (This probably stems from my wanting to live vicariously through others' style transformations without making the bold change myself.) I was obsessed with Rita Ora's chic bob last summer, and frankly, I was really bummed to see her sporting extensions lately.

It's no surprise, then, that I totally flipped her her new, edgy 'do. The choppy layers are so punk, but really flatter the fashion-forward singer. Rita constantly steps up her style game, so I'm glad to see her hair is following suit. It's almost enough to convince me to chop 10 inches off my own hair. Almost.

Foxes' 'Let Go for Tonight'

I've been a huge fan of Foxes since meeting her last year, and despite us bonding over cupcakes, she's still torturing me with a lack of U.S. releases. I've basically had 'Youth' on repeat for the past five months, so naturally I was so excited when she dropped her video for 'Let Go for Tonight.'

Not only does the visual showcase her talent and sense of humor (more cake!), but it gave fans a glimpse at what we can expect when she drops 'Glorious' later this year. 'Let Go for Tonight' is particularly relevant this week since it was released as a single overseas on Feb. 23. Seeing as I don't plan to hop across the pond anytime soon, I'll have to settle for constantly replaying the video until her album hits stores.

Jennifer Lawrence's Break From Acting

I love Jennifer Lawrence as much as the next girl, but let's be honest -- she's everywhere. I like my Jennifer Lawrence refreshed and on her A-game, not exhausted and putting on a strong face. (Seriously, remember when she was on 'Jon Stewart' and the whole interview focused on how burned out she was? So sad.)

Like 99.9 percent of the universe, I think Jen is ultra-talented and hilarious and stylish and should be my BFF, but I'm also getting a little tired of seeing her everywhere. I think a step out of the spotlight will recharge her, while also preventing the impending J.Law backlash.