Rita Ora's new single "Poison" surfaced online today (May 14), just four days ahead of its official May 18 release date. That probably sucks for her, but we're not complaining.

The track borrows from the current mainstream EDM trend, with a pulsing synth-pop beat that blends seamlessly with the song's short-lived piano intro. Its sound is deceptively light and cheery, with Ora's stellar vocals soaring as she sings "you-ooh-ooh," successfully transforming the chorus into an unexpected ear-worm. She continues, "You make me feel like I'm out of my mind / Oh, but it's alright it's alright it's alright it's alright," because love is pointless and terrible and it just manages to kill us all in the end, anyway, so what's the point?

We may be projecting a bit, but Ora agrees with us on a base level. Sort of. According to an interview she did with Clash Music the song is about her "bad luck with love," and it's a subject that makes sense for Ora: Her last boyfriend, DJ-producer Calvin Harris, barred her from performing the hit he wrote for her "I Will Never Let You Down" at the 2014 Teen Choice Awards, because they had a messy breakup and he was ostensibly really mad.

"Poison" marks Ora's first single since "I Will Never Let You Down" and is set to be on her long-delayed sophomore album, which has a tentative, vague release date of "later this year." We'll be waiting.

You can listen to the track over at Ultimate Music.

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