Rita Ora pops on the cover of British mag GQ Details and not just because she's sucking on a lolli! The singer, who is blowing up as the release of her debut 'Ora' draws nearer, is racking up the kind of magazine real estate normally reserved for ladies named Gaga and Bey. Ora is looking fine, blonde and crimson-lipped. Not since Gwen Stefani has a pop star effectively owned red lipstick like Ora.

She's a super sexalicious vixen licking that rainbow lollipop. And those shapely legs go on for days in the other image. Um, did you check out that cleavage? Va-va-va-voom, Rita!

It's official: Rita Ora is hotter than lava oozing out of an active volcano.

Some deets we learned about Ora in her GQ feature (quotes courtesy of Global Grind) are as follows:

She doesn't throw back shots of Jack Daniels in the AM like her lyrics suggest. "I don't literally take a shot of Jack in the morning, I mean, I have once. I have a few times. But it's not like I do it all the time," she explained. We hope not! She wouldn't be able to get anything done if she was sloshed in the mornings.

The 'How We Do' singer is also loud and proud! "I shared a room with my sister and I had to not make noise when she was sleeping. Now I have my own place, it's like -- I don't even have to be quiet," she said about her newfound fame. No need to pipe down, girl!

Ora, who is an ethnic Albanian, also revealed the origin of both her last name and her album title, saying, "It's my name but also 'ora' in my language means time, and it took me so long to do this album. Like three years."

She also said that her mentor Jay-Z told her to open her eyes and pay attention to Coldplay singer Chris Martin. "The best advice he gave me was, 'Have you seen Chris Martin perform? You know it's literally just him on a stage? And he just rocks it out. Jay told me, 'You don't need dancers and stuff around you," she said.

She even tweeted about the spread, posting: "ONLY GQ CAN MAKE ME LICK A LOLLIPOP" and shared the shot.

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