As if noted death-fearer Rita Ora needed additional anxiety to contend with.

In the third episode of BET's revival of prank show Punk'd, which first aired on MTV from 2003 to 2007, the British pop star became production's Public Enemy No. 1.

With the help of a man named Leon—Rita's old friend—the show aimed to convince the singer on last night's episode (September 1) she needed to save a baby from danger. The little one appeared to be trapped crying in the back seat of a stranger's car, and so, after calling what she thought was 911, Rita relayed an instruction to her Uber driver to break through the vehicle's window to help (SHE WILL NEVER LET YOU DOWN). But when the damaged car's owner stumbled onto the shattered glass in the parking lot, all hell broke loose.

In the second installment of the full episode above, aptly called "Baby on Me," an actor playing a nurse appears amid the chaos and pleads "This is a doll! I'm a nurse!" Rita and the driver try to plead their cases but, as the baby has stopped crying, it falls on deaf ears, and the nurse accuses them of lying.

"Excuse me, we're not delusional," Ora says. "I'm telling you now, that baby was crying...we thought this baby was dying in the car!"

When even the driver turns on Rita, she's ready to lose it. That's when the Punk'd team finally reveals she's been duped. "I'm Rita Ora and I just got punked!" she concedes before tossing dropping the baby—a symbol of the day's trails—onto the pavement.

Watch the clip above.

Feast your eyes (and ears) on Rita's very special PopCrush performance: