The Hunger Magazine is a biannual publication with some seriously amazing photography work. The fashion and lifestyle magazine by Rankin has released a bunch of covers for their latest issue, and three of the featured females on the front page just happen to be Rita Ora, Jessie J and up-and-coming Australian rapper Iggy Azalea.

With the background being all white, these ladies are at the complete forefront of Hunger, showing off some of the latest fashion trends and their individuality at the same time. If you had to pick just one cover girl as your favorite, who would it be? Rita, Jessie or Iggy?

On Rita Ora's cover, the newly short-haired songstress is rocking a red hot, satin pencil skirt with a black and white bra top. She is also donning a black blazer, socks with strappy, chunky heels, and cat-eye glasses. Her ensemble is both retro and contemporary, and she gives off that "naughty librarian" feel that with her not only her outfit, but also her "OOPS, I just got caught making out in the Non-Fiction section" expression.

Meanwhile, Jessie J is channeling her inner feline in her skin-tight, ruched metallic skirt and strapless, black leather top with matching silver heels. She has her claws up (or her "paws up," as Lady Gaga's fans would say) and is ready for action, flashing a serious yet seductive stare with her smoky eyes and pouty red lips. Her dark hair is sleek as always -- well not lately really, as she's shaved her head and dyed her awesome buzz cut blonde -- and her milky shite skin looks amazing and flawless on the cover.

The same can be said for Iggy Azalea, who beautiful skin and features really shine on her Hunger Mag cover. Check out those gams! Finished off with red heels, Iggy's stems are killer, and her matching red nails and lips also pop. Wearing a simple yet stunning white mini dress, Azalea has the most playful pose of the three music-makers, with her platinum blonde ponytail being whipped in the air as she stands with her hands on her hips.

So, after checking out the images, which Hunger Magazine cover girl is your favorite? Vote below!