For the next two weeks, we’re bringing you exclusive content from Rixton, and we are totally stoked to bring you the second installment out of 10. While yesterday’s (Feb. 16) video may have thrown you for a bit of a loop — no audio!? SO frustrating! — today’s video will more than make up for it. We promise.

In today’s (Feb. 17) video, the guys are teasing their song “Wait On Me,” off their upcoming album Let The Road, by sharing it with their buddy, Lex. They ask him how the words “wait on me” make him feel, to which Lex responds with a lackluster, “I don’t feel nothing.” But then they play a snippet of the track — which just so happens to be their second single — for him and he rates it at a 9.5/10 stars. Not bad! Lex goes on to say that it’s the kind of song you listen to while driving around with the windows rolled down, and we totally agree with him.

The song is a total radio hit — insanely catchy, poppy and fun with a summer vibe kind of reminiscent of a Maroon 5 track. And that's definitely something we can get behind. What do you guys think? Are you totally stoked on "Wait On Me"?

Check out the video above and get excited for the release of Let The Road on March 3!

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