Samuel Larsen, the dreadlocked, brooding and hunky singer who was one of the winners of the first season of 'The Glee Project' and who went on to play Joseph Hart on 'Glee' proper, was tonight's (June 12) guest on the second episode of the second season of the 'Project.' He was in this very position a year ago, so if there is anyone who knows what the new crop of kids is going through, it's Larsen. He was there to judge the homework assignment, which was a rousing rendition of the Go-Go's 'We Got the Beat.' We got it, yeah!

"Be completely confident in yourself" was Larsen's advice to the hopefuls before they performed the homework song. He also told them, "Do you," reminding them not to lose sight of who they are as singers.

The high-energy Abraham, the adorbs Asian American with the splotch of red hair, won the homework assignment, which meant a mentorship with Larsen as well as having the standout moment for the music video. Larsen told Abraham he won since he has "that extra, extra intensity." It was also deemed one of the best homework assignments ever.

During the one-on-one sesh, Larsen told Abe to just keep his intensity and let the music take over. It was potent advice and if anyone knows how to survive a grueling gig on both the 'Project' and on 'Glee,' it's Larsen.