Sarah Hyland is an inspiration. Not only did the Modern Family actress leave her allegedly abusive boyfriend, she also overcame serious health issues with an amazingly positive outlook.

"I was born with so many health issues that doctors told my mother I would never have a normal life. And she said, 'You're right, she won't -- but it won't be because of her health,'" the courageous actress told Seventeen magazine in its May 2015 issue. "When my mother told me that story, it resonated with me: If I can't have an ordinary life, I might as well have an extraordinary one. If you set your mind to something, you'll achieve it."

Sarah, who has dealt with a lifelong battle of kidney dysplasia and even underwent a kidney transplant in 2012, previously spoke with the magazine about the unbelievable strength and support she receives from her family.

"You know that family is going to be there for you no matter what," she told Seventeen back in 2012. "My dad gave me a freakin' kidney!"

But family also includes her Modern Family -- like her television mom, actress Julie Bowen, who helped Sarah end her three-year relationship with Matt Prokop -- who was allegedly abusive to the young actress. In September 2014, Sarah Hyland was granted a temporary restraining order against her ex.

We admire Sarah for her strength and optimism in the face of difficult situations. And we love her mom's advice to be extraordinary! BRB, making it our life's motto.

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