'Modern Family' star Sarah Hyland has been granted a temporary restraining order against her ex-boyfriend, Matthew Prokop. The TV star claims that she was abused and terrorized by her ex towards the end of their relationship.

In fact, TMZ reports that things got so bad for Hyland that she enlisted the help of her TV mom, actress Julie Bowen, for help.

According to documents obtained by the site, Hyland claims that she was threatened by Prokop both verbally and physically. In one incident, she claims he held her by the throat, pinned her against a car and yelled expletives.

Hyland then asked Bowen to help her "peacefully end the relationship" but when Prokop showed up at Hyland's house and saw the two of them there, he ran outside and started screaming.

The documents also claim that Prokop has threatened to set her house on fire and abuse her dog.

The two ended their relationship in August and Prokop reportedly went to rehab afterwards. After evaluating him, the director of the facility made the recommendation to Hyland that she get a restraining order against him.

An L.A. judge granted Hyland the temporary restraining order which prohibits Prokop from having any kind of communication with Hyland, and prohibits him from getting within 100 yards of her or her dog.