Scotty McCreery's 'I Love You This Big' has proven successful as a debut single, and the 'American Idol' winner is hoping his new music video will be a hit, too. The aspiring star tweeted yesterday that the 'ILYTB' video will debut on CMT on Aug. 9.

"The Love You This Big video will premiere on CMT August 9th. Yall be sure to tune in..," McCreery posted on his Twitter page. Tune in we will, because country or not, we just can't resist those Howdy Doody good looks and southern charm.

A few weeks ago, the 'AI' frontrunner gave us a glimpse into the filming of the vid, because he just couldn't wait to share his net-screen debut with all of his fans. "This is gonna be a kinda nice, little chill, summertime barbecue, kinda like a community thing on the Fourth of July,” McCreery told 'Access Hollywood' in July. "It's just a really fun thing and we're just kinda chillin'."

While the 4th has come and gone, the 'I Love You This Big' video -- which shows McCreery singing on a hand-built stage in someone's "small town" Los Angeles backyard -- is sure to hold its weight well into the winter season.