Being an 'American Idol' doesn't just bring you fame and the chance to do what you love for a living. It also helps you expand your wardrobe and your contact list exponentially.

In a recent chat with Google+, where they were able to get an advance look at the new service/product, 'American Idol' winner Scotty McCreery and runner up Lauren Alaina revealed that they are able to keep the clothes that they wore on the show. "We got a budget, shopped with stylist and got to keep the clothes," McCreery said. How fancy schmancy for two down home teens to go shopping with a stylist?

Alaina revealed that her duet partner Carrie Underwood shared her phone number with both she and McCreery and that they stay in touch with her via text. McCreery revealed that he once got a text from the former 'Idol' winner while in the car with his boys (AKA friends) and they all went nuts that McCreery gets advice from a fellow country superstar.

Aside from these perks, the pair shared that they found out an hour beforehand that music legend Stevie Wonder was going to be on the show, so everything that happened that particular night was improvised and impromptu. McCreery said that judge Steven Tyler treated them like "his kids" and re-affirmed that he and Jennifer Lopez had "a little connection, because [they] have Puerto Rican blood."

Alaina also revealed she was not confident that she would get as far as she did, saying, "I thought I was going home every week. Everyone knew how I felt about 'em" -- since she went up and said goodbye to fellow contestants every week before the results shows.

Finally, McCreery said he was stoked when he Googled himself and saw his name came up as searchable. "You know how excited I was that my name was something you could search and it came up on the little bar? That was exciting!"

Watch Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina Chat With Google+