Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina are eyeballs deep in post-'American Idol' promotion! Make no mistake: You make it to the final two on 'Idol' and your workload increases exponentially.

The winner and runner up are about to commence work on their debut albums, which will be country music releases. Taste of Country met up with the dynamic duo last week at the 2011 CMA Music Fest, during which the singers took meetings with their record label in order to go over what material could possibly appear on each singer's debut!

Of course, the possibility of an McCreery/Alaina duet did come up in conversation, which McCreery affirms, saying, "Yeah, we have," when asked if the discussions about the matter have happened.

But McCreery and Alaina also make it very clear that the priority is establishing themselves as individuals before they cross the duet bridge. "We need to establish ourselves as artists first," Alaina says. "[We'll establish ourselves] separately, and then hopefully down the road, if we're still around, we'll put [out] something together."

One thing that both teens are thrilled about is the prospect of writing songs and performing new material, since most of their 'Idol' experience consisted of covering other artists and their songs!

McCreery says, "It's been really cool for us because we've been doing a whole show of covers," while Alaina commented, "It's kind of scary that we're going to have to come out with our own songs that nobody's ever heard and see how people react."

We're sure that both teens will handle the pressure just fine!

Overall, though, the kids are happy to be decompressing within the comfortable confines of home! They are true country kids at heart, which is probably why America kept on voting for them! McCreery is happy to have left L.A. land behind and to return to his native North Carolina. "Living in L.A. was cool, but I hate to say it wasn't my scene. It's good to be back home … Have some sweet tea and being around some great people and great artists."

Alaina echoed his sentiments, saying, "Yeah, country's where our heart is. We're really happy to be surrounded by country people now."

Enjoy it while it lasts, kids! Since you'll be back on the road and in all sorts of strange places, performing to thousands of happy fans on the upcoming 'Idol' tour and for several years down the road!

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