Remember that post-'American Idol' hoopla that erupted when runner up Lauren Alaina planted a big ass smooch on winner Scotty McCreery's cheek? That sparked rampant rumors that the two were a couple and they even played coy in interviews. However, McCreery laid the 'McLaina' rumors to rest one last time in a chat with Taste of Country, hopefully squashing them once and for all! They are not and have never dated!

"You know, the Lauren Alaina one started from day one, but I can promise you there was never anything there, never will be anything there,” McCreery stated emphatically. "We’re good friends, and that’s it. The 'McLaina' thing: It never happened. I know those fans, and they can talk, but there never was anything to it." Once again, we wonder if the Season 10 winner doth protest too much.

McCreery is paying attention to the tweets and digital chatter that takes place regarding the pair's non-romance. He said, "Every now and then there’s some juicy ones on Twitter that I kinda have to cut down real quick." Oh Scotty. That's what you have a publicist for!

Alaina also told Taste of Country that the rumor has been around "forever" and that it's not true. She also said she saw a tabloid report that she was "talking to" Taylor Lautner, the 'Twilight' starring famous ex of fellow country singer Taylor Swift. Such a small world!