Any 'American Idol' watcher or Scotty McCreery fan is familiar with the Season 10 winner's diehard love of America's pastime. He played baseball through his childhood. He took in games while on the 'Idol' tour this summer, sneaking away and heading to ball parks when time permitted. He will be signing the National Anthem at Game One of the The World Series, which is a big stage for him to be on ... Bigger than 'Idol,' even!

And now the Boston Red Sox fan, who is no doubt bummed about his team's epic September collapse, paid a visit to the MLB Network's Fan Cave recently.

The MLB Fan Cave is one of the more brilliant promotional destinations in New York City. It's designed to host intimate performances and some acts have performed there. It makes sense for a baseball fan like Scotty to show up, take a look around and soak in all that is MLB. He clearly enjoyed himself. McCreery, who speaks about Catfish Hunter and having gone to 11 Major League parks to, is as Americn as 'Idol,' apple pie and baseball.

McCreery's debut 'Clear as Day' is out now and is on track to debut at No. 1. We'll take this moment to wish Scotty an early "congrats!"