He wins 'American Idol.' His album debuts at No. 1 on the charts. It goes gold instantly. He sets statistical radio chart records as a country artist. He sings at the first game of the World Series, no doubt a dream come true given his rampant passion for America's pastime. Millions of people love him. But still, Scotty McCreery remains a small town boy at heart, one who yearns to return to the confines and the comfort of his high school!

McCreery, 18, returned to Garner High School to film the video for his second single, the lovelorn ballad 'The Trouble With Girls.' You can take McCreery out of Garner, but he'll always, always come back. He said he chose his high school as the location since it's a "cool, chill place and everybody is like family." McCreery grew up quickly, given his 'Idol' run, so it's no surprise that he comes back to Garner in order to stay close to his past and his roots.

In this behind-the-scenes footage, the singer also revealed that the concept for the video centers on how young men process those little things they earn about girls as they navigate the earliest stages and phases of romance in youth. Indeed, young love is something most of us discover while still within the walls of high school, so McCreery sure got it right when he decided to film in his very own facilities. "It made me comfortable, since I wasn't in some random place," the singer said, as we see footage of him lip syncing alongside a row of lockers.

Scotty's love interest in the Roman White-directed clip is a longtime friend that he has known since the days of kindergarten, so she probably saw him doing those Elvis Presley impressions on the bus, which we learned about him from friends and family during his season on 'Idol.'

Scotty also revealed that the final scene on the baseball field was cool ... literally. It was the coldest night in the town of Garner in months. Luckily McCreery was there to bring the heat!

For Scotty McCreery, home is where the heart is.

Watch Scotty McCreery's 'The Trouble With Girls' Behind-the-Scenes Video Teaser