Sean Kingston nearly lost his life in a serious fatal jet ski accident in May, and now the singer has been reunited with the man who saved his life.

Off-duty Coast Guard rescuer Jonathan Rivera was nearby when he heard cries for help on that fateful day. "You could tell something wasn't right," he told the 'Today' show.

The 21-year-old singer was face-down in the water after crashing into a bridge, but it was Rivera's quick thinking that saved Kingston. "I just put my boat in neutral and jumped off and got his head above water," Rivera added.

Kingston recently met his rescuer for the first time in Miami. “I want to thank you man," the rapper said. "I love you, my brother."

Truthfully, Kingston is lucky to be alive. After the accident, he was under hospital care for 11 days before being cleared to be released. Then, he felt a stabbing pain in his chest and had to undergo emergency open heart surgery to repair a torn aorta and release fluid in his heart. According to his doctor, 90 percent of people do not make it out of the procedure.

“It’s a blessing. God is great,” Kingston added. “I feel like I’m blessed [and] overcome a tragic situation. Definitely trauma, and for me to still be here, it’s only God’s work."

The 'Beautiful Girls' singer is expected to begin working on his new album next week. As for why he thinks he survived the incident, Kingston said, "I think my work is not done. It wasn’t my time yet."

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