'Beautiful Girls' singer Sean Kingston is now walking and breathing on his own after suffering a horrific, near-fatal accident on a Jet Ski last weekend over the Memorial Day holiday. E! reports that the singer's condition has been upgraded to serious and his publicist says he is "breathing on his own and walked for the first time this morning!" What good news to start off a Monday with.

Kingston's rep also said that that "Sean thanks his friends, family and fans for their outpouring of prayers and well wishes." Fans should continue to send prayers Kingston's way, since he is still on a long road to full recovery.

Kingston, 21, suffered a broken jaw, broken wrist and water in his lungs after the accident, which occurred when the singer was operating the vehicle at a high rate of speed and crashed into a bridge. He was admitted to a trauma unit at Miami's Jackson Memorial Hospital in critical condition. He was stabilized and transferred to ICU. His recovery is expected to last a few more weeks, but the fact that he is breathing and walking on his own is terrific news.

Kingston's friend Cassandra Sanchez was involved in the accident and spoke about how the accident transpired from a first person account. Things could have been a lot worse, so we're beyond glad to hear that Kingston is recuperating.

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