Even though her on-off boyfriend Justin Bieber recently dealt with the drama behind the paparazzo who was killed while chasing the 'Boyfriend''s car, it didn't stop the paps from harassing Selena Gomez while she was at LAX.

The poor singer/actress was hounded by flashbulbs and questions about the status of her relationship with The Biebs. She remained tight-lipped the entire time.

Gomez refused to acknowledge or field questions about the breakup or whether or not she split from the singer because he was smoking pot. Oh brother.

The late photographer, Chris Guerra, had told a friend just hours before his death that he saw The Biebs toke up in his car. Da Biebs' camp steadfastly denies this claim, deeming it a fabrication.

Word is that Jelena split while in Mexico on Dec. 30 after some sort of blowout. She beat a hasty exit from the country and flew back to L.A. that day, while he stayed behind, returning to Los Angeles on New Year's Eve. Draaaaaaaamuh! These two used to be so happy. WTF happened?

claims that the couple broke up in the warm, sunny locale over "high school stuff" which, if we're to infer meaning, is some sort of silly nonsense.

Gomez looks pretty cranky, from what we can see of her, since she's draped in a scarf, hat, sweater and wintry gear while trying to navigate her way through the airport. But then again, can you blame her? She's trying to travel and is being nagged and hounded with questions about her relationship.

Watch Selena Gomez Remain Silent on Breakup at Airport