Selena Gomez is proving to be a hair color chameleon. The starlet hit the salon this week to complete her mane transformation.

Gomez stepped out in a coral dress with her newly longer locks a rich shade of black, instead of her usual warm brown hue. Why the change up? Sel's transforming for her part in Eli Roth’s upcoming horror film ‘Aftershock.’ In the flick, a group of friends who survive an earthquake in Chile, but have a lot scarier stuff to deal with post-quake. Maybe the darker shade reflects the darker nature of her work.

Sel just wrapped filming on 'Spring Breakers,' in which she plays a hard-partying coed who gets arrested after she and her pals commit robbery to fund their beach vacation.

This isn't the first hair color Gomez has experimented with. The starlet previously got blue highlights prior to filming both movies, and she sported a burgundy wig at the Ultra Music Festival in March.