A flash mob broke out in the decked halls of Target in Lawrence, Kansas recently. Only it wasn't the type of flash mob you're likely used to watching and/or being entertained by.

It was not a bunch of teens or artists congregating to shake it out. It was festively-dressed senior citizens, getting their groove on in the holiday aisles of the red bullseye! It was so friggin' cute. You'll be wishing your grandparents where this cool and musically oriented.

A group of five women, all suited up in their best, most colorful holiday sweaters, began dancing to the 'Glee' version of Wham!'s 'Last Christmas.' You know the lyrics: "Last Christmas / I gave you my heart / But the very next day / You gave it away."

Well, one of the septuagenarians (we're guessing they are in their 70s) took those words to heart and held up an arts and craft-type red heart while dancing. A white-haired elderly gentleman stood in the center, dancing with the ladies. We loved the "Expect more, pay less" sign in the background.

The senior citizen-comprised flash mob moved at a slower clip, while shoppers began to congregate and look on. This dancing crew certainly gave new meaning to the idea of dancing in the aisles and not because they scored sweet deals on some holiday gifts.

Watch Senior Citizen Flash Mob Dance to 'Glee' Version of 'Last Christmas'