Your Friday is about to get a lot more upbeat. Shawn Mendes dropped his latest track, 'Something Big,' and we can't stop rocking out!

From its opening beats, the song is super high-energy. The listener has no choice but to jam. (Don't worry, this is a very good thing!)

"It's like that feeling when you're just about to kill it / Take your last shot you know you're going to hit it / Something's in the air / Something's in the air," Shawn sings.

We can confidently say that 'Something Big' is like no track we've heard before, but it's giving us some serious Ed Sheeran vibes. Between the infectious beat and fast-paced verses, we can totally see the Brit rocking out to this track as well. But really, would we expect anything else from the guy who gave us 'Life of the Party'?

Ready to dance? We thought so! Listen to Shawn Mendes' 'Something Big' above!