There's good news and bad news for SHINee's Jonghyun. The K-pop boy bander was involved in a car accident on March 31. That's the bad news. The good news is that he only suffered minor injuries in what sounds like a fender bender. Whew.

On April 1, SM Entertainment confirmed that an incident had taken place, stating:

Jonghyun ran into the guard rails on Dongho Bridge earlier today while driving his own car to return to the dormitory after visiting his home.

See, even a K-pop artist has to drive himself around and can have a minor headache such as this! No fancy drivers or chauffeured rides for him.

SM also revealed that while Jonghyun "didn’t suffer major injuries," he did need to go the ER and seek a doctor's care, since he banged up his nose a little bit.

SM said, "He got hurt around his nose so he’s currently receiving treatment in the emergency room at a hospital in Gangnam. After undergoing tests at the hospital, he will decide what to do with his future schedule."

We hope that doctors were able to shore up his nose and send him off on his way. Get better soon, Jonghyun.

UPDATE: Jonghyun's surgery went well and will be released from hospital soon!

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