Every decision Sia makes is the right one, of this we're certain. Be it her decision to obscure her face with a choppy white wig or opting to feature Shia LeBeouf in one of her music videos, she knows what she's doing. Her choices are artistic without feeling contrived, even to the most cynical among us. Her latest good decision comes in the form of her performance on the Dancing With the Stars finale last night (May 19). The Australian musician delivered an outstanding vocal performance of "Elastic Heart" as she stood in the very far corner of the set, allowing the audience to focus on Julianne and Derek Hough's dancing.

The Hough siblings are DWTS alums -- Julianne won the competition twice and Derek is a five-time champion. So it should come as no surprise that they would be more than capable of delivering a performance that so closely mirrored the frantic feel of in Sia's "Elastic Heart" music video.

The choreography also featured some truly impressive movement from a pair of child dancers, Emma York and Joey German. One has to wonder if the performance was to make the general public -- or at least those of us who aren't gifted in the skill of dance -- feel bad about themselves. There's nothing like watching children do something better than you could ever dream of doing that makes you feel like unaccomplished trash. In this case, both pairs demonstrated the often tumultuous sibling relationship that continues well into adulthood with such fluidity in their movements that it nearly brought us to tears.

You can watch Sia's performance of "Elastic Heart" in the video above.