It's no secret that Simon Cowell is looking to make a serious upgrade to the 'X Factor' judge's panel for the show's sophomore season in the form of Britney Spears. While it appeared that Brit would confirm her role on the show last week, no new news has popped up regarding the matter ... until now.

Cowell did admit to those scooping sleuths at TMZ that he wants Brit Brit and would love to have her seated next to him on the show. Well what red-blooded male doesn't want Brit? Simon's a Brit who wants Brit.

Cowell said, "I would love to have her on the show ... I think she would be a fascinating person to sit next to."

Not to mention sexy, since our gal Brit would likely be wearing lots of skimpy, revealing and form-fitting outfits while on camera. She does have an image to uphold and with millions of viewers fixing her eyes on her, she'd be at her best, image-wise.

While he admitted his, uh, desire for Brit Brit, Cowell did not reveal anything specific regarding he negotiation process. He did hint that an answer from Brit's camp could come as soon as this week.

Whatever the case, yes or no, Cowell has to be itching to fill the spot and move on.

PopCrush readers, do you think Brit would be a quality judge?